Tata invest in UK

Two stories today where TATA group companies are making new investments in the UK.

One is Jaguar Land Rover (TATA MOTORS) announced a £355m engine plant in Wolverhampton, which will create 750 skilled jobs.

Guardian/ jaguar-land-rover-plant-midlands

Another is TATA Steel to make new military armour at Port Talbot.

Wales Online super bainite at Port Talbot.

It will be interesting to see how quickly the new site can be built in UK compared to building in India, where public protest has slowed several projects, and to know if that had any role in the decision by TATA to opt to build this plant in the UK. Tata experienced problems in building of Tata `Nano’ car plant, and Posco has faced many delays in building a new steel works.


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