Public to pay X times for riots

Business owners with insurance should be able to claim the cost of riots from their insurers. It is possible these costs will be passed on to local police authorities since they may be held responsible. In future it seems insurers will be responsible for the full amount (after government review), this will raise cost of insurance premiums anyway. [See times article]

Costs to local police authorities, either in defending themselves in court against, or by paying claims by insurers (or local businesses who don’t have insurance). Will be passed on to tax payers, who also pay increased costs due to police overtime, and possibly increased policing due to polices inability to keep a lid on current situation.

These seemingly anti-authority or opportunist riots will further increase the size and increase costs and taxes the people face. Extra spending to police or placate rioting populations will be payed by the rest? So these riots might be good for rioters and police, bad for everyone else. Is there a legitimate reason to riot, the media seems to be telling us there is non.

In the meantime the riots seem to have been sparked by mis-handling of protests over the police murder of Mark Duggan. The inquest this incident will take 3-4 months at least. It is reported that initial findings show that a gun at the scene (reportedly belonging to Mark Duggan) hadn’t been fired, and that a police officer who had fired two shots had a police issue bullet lodged in his portable radio.

The loss of 2 police commissioners (head of the metropolitan police) in quick succession has been highlighted as an explanation for the police incompetence around the original protest, leading to a slow response time in the higher echelons of the police authority.

Riots seem to have spread to many parts of UK, and sales of baseball bats, skiing goggles, folding shovels, martial arts batons becoming the hottest sale items in Amazon leisure category. Tent’s also increased in popularity but it is unclear if it is time to head for the countryside from the city just yet.

Call centre workers in London were sent home yesterday (according to message head on phoning virgin media) and I have received message from travel agents “key travel” that Manchester Council has advised them to go home early today.

Sorry for likely incoherence of this posting.


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