Tony Blair earns millions after leaving post as PM

According to article here: Business insider / Blair Kuwait Consulting Fees Tony Blair has received fee of $43 Million dollars form government of Kuwait for preparing report “Kuwait 2035”. Along with position of advisor for JP Morgan and other consultancy fees he may have earned as much as $5 for each of the 1 million dead caused by his illegal invasion of Iraq.

Tony Blair

Tony Blair

No news about Gordon Brown yet, but he made noises that he wanted to do Charity work, so expect to see him show up at IMF, UN, WWF, etc. He should have lots of banker friends after selling of most of UK’s gold at lowest possible price.


2 Responses

  1. Lord Goldsmith says he was `uncomfortable’ with Tony Blair’s comments about his advice preceding Iraq invasion.

  2. Tony Blair testified on Friday saying that his statements last year, when he accepted responsibility for his role in Iraq invasion, didn’t seem remorseful enough to others.

    The first thing he said this time was that he regretted all the deaths caused by the invasion. (which the public audience heckled him for asking how he could sleep.)

    Later he said leaders were being too soft on IRAN.

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