Dismay as England forced to qualify for World Cup place.

As today’s news that the UK attempt to host the Football World Cup, starts to sink in. The dismay felt can only lead to desperation as football fans realise that their team will now have to qualify to obtain a place, rather than getting the automatic place in the finals reserved for host nations.

Investigative journalism by Panorama revealing corruption of FIFA just ahead of the vote, and Wikileaks releases saying that Russia is viewed as a ‘Mafia state’ by US officials didn’t help to sway the votes in UK’s favour.

It can only be a few days before newspapers start to worry that England may now have difficulty to qualify for their place, just imagine the potential to see how close to not qualifying the England team can get.

Prince William Dejected on hearing news that UK will not host World Cup.

Vlad on horse
Vladimir Putin stayed home, where he often enjoys Holiday photo sessions.

Just last week commentator Alexander Chernov saw the two chief obstacles to English success as being: “Russia, and their own English arrogance.” according to a BBC story.


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  1. […] Some of my colleagues including one Professor have noticed that my Blog has been covering controversial topics, including religion (Church abuse, Vatican criticises about human rights ), politics (Liberal Double Speak, Burlesconi Scandal) , football (England have to qualify after losing bid to host World Cup). […]

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