Burlesconi worse scandel yet… unrecoverable?

17 year old belly dancer Karima Keyek
17 year old belly dancer Karima Keyek

The latest sex scandal threatening Silvio Berlusconi has deepened after a 17-year-old Moroccan belly dancer linked to the Italian prime minister said he had given her €7,000 and jewellery when she sat next to him at a Valentine’s Day dinner held this year for 10 women at his mansion near Milan. She has shockingly revealed that Burlsuconi did not try to sleep with her. This may be the worse blow to his public image, and there are worries he cannot recover from the accusation.

Karima Keyek says Berlusconi behaved towards her in a fatherly manner, rather than behaving with any impropriety: ‘It is the first time in my life that a man has not tried to take me to bed.’

Spokesperson for Berlusconi revealed that they are hoping other women come forwards in the next few weeks to refute these viscous rumours.

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