EU must be joking…

News report this morning about increase to EU budget at time when all governments across europe have been forced to reduce spending, only the european project seems to be immune.

But the news of these increases only comes in context of our prime ministers visit to europe where he is expected to ask for UK contributions to increase less.

Former accounting head of EU was removed from her post becuase she wanted to make the system accoutable. It was the heads of the departments which would have been made accountable who voted that she was “disloyal”. She claims her loyalty should be to the european peeople, not the unelected beuracrats who set the european budgets.

What change did she want, the wanted them to use the accounting software they had bought the. full license of from a german IT company. She says they are only using the core part of the program, and using their own modules for data input. This would allow the numbers to be changed arbitarily and could be used to cover up fraud or mistakes. Also there is in many cases no evidence in the system that the money has been spend on what it was intended, this is because money is usually payed upfront, and then there is no inspection to see what was done later. The lack of accountability in the system is why she found she could not sign off the EU accounts to a a true reflection of the spending. In the year she left her post as head accountant, there was a total of 5 different people appointed to the post.

Does this sound like a sound way to spend our money? Why isn’t the EU trying to rain in spending? Their spending will be pushed onto the individual governments… many of whom are in dire financial constraints due to the period of easy credit as the previous bubble was pumped up till explosion point, before being rapidly deflated.


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