Church abuse continues

Even despite recent outrage in the press and by the public, and many scandals about child abuse by church officials, mainly in the catholic church. I believe that the Pope’s visit to the United Kingdom is the best time to point out that more serious abuse is being undertaken by the church.

This abuse of children and adults causes lasting psychological damage to individuals and to society as a whole. Of course I am talking about the promotion of a dogmatic system of beliefs, and the suppression of the individual. The promotion of accepting things on ‘faith’ just because you would like to believe they are true.

This psychological abuse is more serious that the physical abuse, which is just a symptom of it. Without promoting the belief in priest as a leader, he wouldn’t have a position of power to abuse. Without his belief in demons and the church being under attack by the devil he would not have an excuse. Without the belief that the church good works must continue it would be hard to justify the cover up of the abusing priests actions.

But the abuse caused by promoting the false doctrines continues beyond the church. This is the first place we are taught to accept the expert opinion, and that we should accept the judgement of those in power without question.

Since the existence of god and this religion cannot be proved or disproved, and since we would like to believe that there is someone in the sky to look after us and that we can live forever with all our friends and family, we are motivated to believe these sweet lies.

Pope Benedict XVI has expressed his “deep sorrow” for the “unspeakable crimes” of child abuse within the Catholic Church.

Stained Glass Window Showing Abuse?


3 Responses

  1. is it wrong to maKe people think their lives have some purpose and meaning, and aren’t random and meaningles??

  2. Yes it would be wrong because then they would be living a lie.

    Instead of trapping people in a lie, we should encourage them to try and find a meaning in their life.

  3. […] one Professor have noticed that my Blog has been covering controversial topics, including religion (Church abuse, Vatican criticises about human rights ), politics (Liberal Double Speak, Burlesconi Scandal) , […]

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