Mini vs. Nano, price comparison

How does the Tata Nano compare against the British equivalent the Mini which became an iconic car of the 1960s?

Original price of Mini was UK£ 497 when it was released in 1959. Competitors immediately bought one, and took it apart to see how it could be made so cheaply – they were confused, each mini should make a loss.


Mini Car

Nano was priced at release on 17th of July 2009 at Rs 100,000, which is around UK£ 1360.


Nano Car

So how do these prices compare?

Using this website
£497 from 1959 is equivalent to:
£8,656.34 using the retail price index.
or £21,038.85 using average earnings.

So from this we can see that Tata nano is around 6 times less than the mini was. It would probably more accurate to compare mini against 1959 average UK wage, and nano against 2009 average wage in India.

If average earnings in India are £3,500 (27 0000 Indian rupees) then this Tata nano price is about equivalent to the mini at release in 1959.