Steel Poll 2

To maximise clear up any confusion I bring you the second poll. Please justify your selection in the comments section.

Second Steel Poll

Second Steel Pole
North Korean Flag Pole


6 Responses

  1. Again I voted for Bainite. Bainite is the best constituent in steel because it gives the most scope to tailor the properties.

  2. Ah, this is better!

    I’m with you Mathew — bainite rocks!

  3. Allotriomorphic ferrite is the dominant constituent in the 1.3 billions of tonnes of steel produced annually. It is by far the most useful of phases in this respect.

  4. I voted for austenite. I always think I can do so much with this phase and so much we do not know about it. It is almost always “very hot” and very tough.

  5. I see you have missed acicular ferrite….I work on welds so acicular ferrite is what one prefers here….toughness matters.
    If you want strength….a mixture of bainite and martensite has very good strength and decent elongation. (Look for ‘flash processing of steel’)

  6. Hi, in my view acicular ferrite is a type of bainite. The difference being that it is nucleated from oxides and inclusions within the weld pool. See the paper by Suresh Babu and Bhadeshia you can find on the phase transformations website

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