Making new criminals

Making new laws is the fastest way to make more criminals… a government minister who drafted a law on employing illegal immigrants has fallen foul of the same law. She’s had to pay a £5000 pounds fine, for what she described as a administrative error. She says she did examine the documents of her cleaner when starting her employment, but she failed to make a copy of them as a proof. BTW as she explains this is a civil case we can’t say she is a criminal. I’m not sure if that this distinction applies to everyone who employs illegal immigrants or not.

It’s really amazing that she can’t follow these rules, after drafting the documents, and argueing for the adoption of them in parliament.

Does this mean the law is to complicated, the rules were too difficult to follow, she should surely have known the rules? Or is she just incompetent, I think lawyers are usually careful not to break the law?

BBC report:

As mentioned at the end of the video, she is the first individual to be prosecuted under these rules, all previous cases were businesses.

According to the house keeper, who nobody in the judicial system thought to ask before the case was heard, the baroness did not see here passport. BBC Story:Baroness ‘did not see passport’ .


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