Pret A Manger Against Science?

I really like the sandwiches that Pret make, but after reading the blurb on the back of my sandwich yesterday, I am a bit worried about their stance on science.

Pret A Manger Sandwich Pack

Pret A Manger Sandwich Pack

So if scientists are so terrible what lengths do they go to to avoid them? Does this mean they only employ liberal arts students in their shops were the sandwiches are made? Do they avoid using any scientific theories about hygiene? Are they going to remove the refrigerators and monitoring methods they use? What about their Coffee makers? They seem quite complicated, how can they be sure no science was used in the design?

Of course I appreciate that they make their sandwiches from recognisable ingredients rather than synthesising them using industrial chemicals, but I also think it is a bit spurious to claim that this doesn’t interfere with nature. Most of the food we eat isn’t really ‘natural’ they have been domesticated by the introduction of farming. (A notable exception are berries, because although we grow them we can’t really propagate them better than birds can, so can’t interfere with with the selection of the next generation).

Shame on Pret A Manger for propagating FUD, I thought your sandwiches were better than that.


3 Responses

  1. Ditto.
    The natural=good argument is pathetic.
    As if there are no natural poisons.
    As if there are no major dangers in raw, unprocessed food.
    Pathetic – just pathetic.

  2. Well said both!

  3. I always like it when a company claims that their product “contains no chemicals”

    what, really? no chemicals? at all? I hope they’re packing that vacuum carefully.

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