Industry Losses

2 stories from BBC.
BBC is reporting about it’s citizen journalist scheme. One lady from Port Talbot in Wales has made a program about the threat to Jobs at the Corus plant there. She was refused a interview with the Corus’ new CEO Kirby Adams, she went to Mumbai and interviewed the head of Tata Steel – Balasubramanian Muthuraman.

The second story is scandalous. Workers are staging a sit-in protest over closure of the UK’s only wind turbine plant, and the loss of 625 jobs at Newport in the Isle of White (525 jobs) and Southampton (100). The Dutch parent company says Northern European orders are falling, but at the same time the UK government says we need more “green jobs”. The parent company at the same time reported a quarterly sales rise of 59% to 1.11bn euros.


2 Responses

  1. Hi Mathew,

    I always had doubts about Mr. Muthuraman’s first name. Now I know it. Corus is not doing well right now but I am sure it will come back and make all of us happy, very soon.

  2. BBC are reporting that UK govt now want to encourage wind turbine manufacturers to build in UK.

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