UK Government sets Unrealisitic Climate Targets

The institute of physics have published a paper by Roger A Pielke Jr, in which he says the (UK) governments targets for climate change are unrealistic. In his paper The British Climate Change Act: a critical evaluation and proposed alternative approach he shows that the rate of change proposed by UK government is much higher than the rate of change made by the French in the past. More can be found on the IOP news feed.

Wind turbines in an Danish Storm

I think we are off to a good start because of the drop in the economy, but I don’t think that is a sustainable way to reduce CO2 which requires investment in nuclear power stations (short term) and renewables like wind. I think it is good to set a target, but I am a bit worried that there is a lack of consensus over what needs to be done.

Take a look at David Mackay’s book Sustainable Energy – without the hot air for a reasoned plan of how we can meet our future energy needs in the UK.


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  1. huh?? you just gotta change your lightbulbs and pay for a carrier bag or something, innit?

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