Latex Poster/ Modelling Thermal Conductivity

Norman Gray and Graeme Stewart at Glasgow have provided useful examples to make posters using Latex.

I used these to make a tex file, which produced a poster using pdflatex. Should also be possible using latex command if you include graphics as eps rather than pdf. Make sure if you convert graphics to pdf or ps that you have a bounding box (use pstoeps command for example), otherwise your poster will break horribly. It was important to convert from eps to pdf using the epstopdf command rather that ps2pdf.

This saved me time by allowing me to use the equations from latex directly, and allowed me to include my graphs at high resolution – it doesn’t make sense to convert to jpg or other bit map to include in a powerpoint presentation file.

You can find the poster here: Poster (best viewed with xpdf)
and the latex file to make it here: Poster source file

Thanks to the people who showed an interest in the poster. I wish I had taken picture at the conference to make this post more dynamic!

You can also see this poster on my website


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