Olympic Torch Relay Protests 2012.

BBC is reporting there will be no torch relay for London Olympics, after protests against the carrying on the torch for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. This must mean that London has looked at it’s human rights record, in light of recent violations, detention without trial, participating in torture, lying about the reasons for the invasion of Iraq, snooping on it’s own citizens, and realised it should be no less controversial than China.

IOC executive director Gilbert Felli said:

“After the (2004) relay in Athens, which was the first international relay, we came to the conclusion it was easier for the torch to stay inside the (host) country… There were difficulties with the NOCs (National Olympic Committees), and we also saw the risk with a torch relay going around the world… Beijing had planned an international torch relay and we accepted it. We saw in the debrief that the risk was there and the IOC decided not to do it… I think when the torch relay is inside the host country there is more control.”

But surely we all know that the Olympic torch has to be carried from Athens to the host country to make the Olympics official. Surely they can’t think it would be difficult to carry the torch across Europe? It seems like London will be trying to organise the first ever ‘low key’ Olympics.


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