Tata Nano hits the roads soon.

BBC is reporting on the launch of the nano, and asking people is the Nano good for India?. Nay-sayers are complaining about the possible environmental impact of western style development in India. Yay-sayers support the effort to include those unable to purchase a car. Tata nano could have a positive impact upon air pollution in cities if it replaces older two-stroke two-wheelers, since I understand it should run on cleaner burning LPG fuel.

The release of the nano should add around 3% to the earnings of TATA group, which made losses in the last quarter after problems re-financing acquisitions in such as that of Jaguar and range rover from ford, due to the credit crunch. The manufacture of the nano has been delayed by cynical protests against building of the plant, and is currently being made in lower numbers in existing TATA motors plants, while a new facility has had to be relocated.

The world is still waiting to see if TATA can also develop an electric version.


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  1. An important thing in a car is safety which nano seem to lack completely. Anyway, I made a site about tata nano where I’ll post all the news related to this. Hope you didn’t mind I linked it from here 😛

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