BNP Lose data

The British National Party attempted to demonstrate they are just as fit to govern as the other parties last week, they are just as capable of losing data as the Labour party.

The loss of a spreadsheet containing members names and addresses may be some embarrassment for them, and many of the members which included policemen and teachers who are not allowed any party affiliation. The data was leaked by a disgruntled party member.

However the current British government is streaks ahead as the conservative opposition has pointed out, the current administration is losing more than one laptop per week. More importantly they have lost personal information from their databases on multiple occasions, compact discs and DVD including containing copies of banking information about DHS claimants, and more recently a memory stick containing a list of members of the armed services.

These loses show the fallacy in the arguments that a national database would improve security. The government relies of multiple third party vendors for the design and maintenance all it’s computer systems. It is necessary to use several vendors to claim you are getting the best deal, these projects need to go through a tender process. Since all of these people have access to the database, perhaps legitimately in some cases, or due to bad design, there are so many security holes. It should not be possible for companies or individuals to have copies of the whole database as happened to the armed services. It should not be necessary to copy all the data to DVD and post.


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