Hamilton breaks rules, striped of ‘victory’.

Don't drive for Maclaran

Hamilton broke one major rule of F1 on Sunday to finish first in the Spa Grandprix, stupidly forgetting to paint his car red before trying to win the race, and even having the cheek to pass a red car! This fragrant disregard for the rules of F1 resulted in a 25 second ‘stop-win’ penalty.

Does anyone know if there is a rule about passing on the grass, that you need to let the other car past and stay behind for a certain time to show you didn’t gain advantage? Hamilton let Raikkonen pass him but then immediately was in his strip stream again, and passed in the following corners.


2 Responses

  1. Totally.

    For such an image concious sport (see Yachts, Bimbos, Sponsorship Logos) I find it astounding that Mosely is still in place and that the FIA can get away with repeatedly appearing to be on the side of Ferrari. I’m sure that lots of Ferrari fans will take issue with this and maybe, just maybe, the FIA aren’t on their side; but surely the FIA see that they also need to APPEAR neutral.

  2. I can’t be the only person who doesn’t watch F1 any more. It is a really has the potential to be an exciting sport, but when it is always to unfair why would I want to watch what is the result?

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