Applying for a Fellow

I’ve yet to be invited to be a fellow/junior research fellow at any of the colleges here… apparently they expect people to apply to them. To encourage them i’ve produced an application form for any colleges that would like me to join. Simply complete the form and return it to me and I will consider you in due course. The deadline for submission is June of each year.

If you are successful in this round, a series of interviews will be conducted, and each college should be prepared to supply a list of references.


2 Responses

  1. Hi Mathew,

    I am pretty impressed that you have come up with this. I am sure many colleges in Cambridge will now use it. How ever I am little surprised to see that the font size in item number 3 in the application form you have made is smaller than the rest of the items. I guess you should put item number 3 in large block capital letters.

    Think about this change and oh … important …. also ask if they can arrange for a washing machine and a microwave in the lab from your grant, these will come handy for research.


  2. I’m surprised that I didn’t get any response as yet. I expect that many of the colleges are waiting until closer to the end of April so they know how much money they can afford to offer.

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