Mtdata Script example 3

Calculates equilibrium between ferrite austenite cementite and liquid phases and outputs a brief results and results in mole fractions and then a graph to screen.

:Script By Sourabh Chatterjee May 2006
def sys 'Fe,C,Mn,Si,Al,P,Mo,Cu' source plus sub_sgte !
class abs p(*) !
class nor p(bcc_a2,fcc_a1,cementite,liquid) !
set w 100 !
set w(2) 0.36 w(3) 1.96 w(4) 0.5 w(5) 2.0 w(6) 0.022 w(7) 0 w(8) 0.52 !
step temp 1573 1873 10 !
com pri ea_st_re !

compute print brief print mole !

compute print graphic !
plot go !

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