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I made three new podcasts with Prof. Harry Bhadeshia on his latest papers on transformation texture, the new delta-Trip steels and on prediction of Hot Strength of ferritic steels.

The work on transformation texture is from Saurabh Kundu’s thesis were Patel and Cohen’s model has been shown to correctly predict the orientation relationship between ferrite and austenite after martensitic transformation. It’s shown that variants are selected by free energy differences that can be calculated depending on the orientation.

The delta-Trip steels were developed as a result of the prediction of neural networks, were after the neural network was made computer optimisation was used to try and maximise the mechanical properties. This work was done with Saurabh Chatterjee in collaboration with Murugananth Marimuthu. Both Saurabh Kundu and Saurabh Chatterjee completed their PhD’s at Cambridge while visiting from Tata Steel, Murugananth Marimuthu is a previous member of the phase transformations group, and has now also joined Tata Steel’s research and development section.

The work on Hot Strength of ferritic steels is the part of Radu Dmitriu’s topic of research. A neural network model of the hot-strength of ferritic steels. It was observed from the neural network that the strength is expected to suddenly start to decrease at 800 Kelvin, which can has been explained to be due to changes in the mobility of dislocations.


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Podcast: Hot Strength

Podcast: Delta Ferrite

Podcast: Transformation Texture

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7 Responses

  1. Intriguing… are you monitoring downloads of these to see how much interest there is in audio interviews re scientific papers? Of course I think it might be a little cheeky calling it a podcast if there’s no rss with enclosures going on 😉

  2. Thanks Rob,

    Sorry, the mp3’s I’ve made myself do have ID3 tags.

    Any advice on how to make the rss feed? I’ve manually made one myself
    for my webpages at (rss feeds which I don’t update as much as the website!) before but not sure to advice my supervisor to make an rss feed my editing a text file.

    He does edit all the html though so it wouldn’t be out of the question.

    What form should rss feed for podcasts have?

  3. Unfortunately, although I’m an avid podcast consumer, I haven’t tried creating one at all. I suspect there are plenty of howtos out there though if you’re interested 🙂

  4. I found an example on PBS website, but lots of the tags seem to be for inclusion in itunes. Do most people subscribe through itunes, or do you have a client that you add the rss feed to.

    Sorry podcasting is something that has really left me behind.

  5. I’ve edited the post which should mean the mp3’s are aggregated by wordpress into the RSS feed.

  6. Yeah, I use iTunes buts just because I switched to using an iPod in the summer. Before that I was happily using Juice under windows and Rhythmbox under Ubuntu. I’ve also played with Democracy Player but that was more video oriented.

    I’ve just sub’d in iTunes and see two entries “Old Podcasts” and “New Podcasts”. I think that wordpress needs a separate post per mp3 in order to make all the episodes available within iTunes. Am impressed to hear that it really is that easy though 😉

  7. […] Mathew Peet at Bainite tells us about a few podcasts that he had made with Prof. Bhadeshia: I made three new podcasts with Prof. Harry Bhadeshia on his latest papers on transformation texture, the new delta-Trip steels and on prediction of Hot Strength of ferritic steels. […]

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