DeLorean manufacture to resume

This iconic car is well remembered because of it’s appearance in the Back to the Future movies. Now there are plans to build a small number of the cars. The DeLoreans will be built in a suburb of Houston, Texas, where Liverpool born Stephen Wynne has a 3,700 sq m warehouse chock-full of DeLorean car parts, which were sold by the liquidators when the company flamed out after less than two years of production. Until now Mr Wynne has been using the spare parts to maintain the 9000 cars that were originally built during the two years of production.

The car was made with a stainless steel body, this saved on capital costs since no paint baking line was needed. Possibly a better solution than Henry ford making all of his Model-T cars black because the paint dried faster.

Picture from Wikipedia DeLorean DMC-12 article

The Gaurdian business supplement had a story in August covering the plans to resume production: Back to the Present for DeLorean.

The UK government originally invested £78 million UKP to attract production of the DeLorean to Northern Ireland. That works out as a subsidy of £8667 UKP per car. Margret Thatcher became Prime Minister in 1979 and was a person who took a dim view of government subsidy of industry. However the cars were to be built in a employment black spot, and Nothern Ireland was a hot political issue.

John DeLorean was arrested suspected of Drug Trafficking in 1982 by the FBI but was found not guilty in of the charges in 1984 after using a defense based on Entrapment – the accusation was that the money from trafficking was meant to bail out the ailing company.

The new DeLorean company plans to make around 25 cars per year. With basic price of $58000 USD.


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  1. Thats great, I want one now!

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