The land of the free

Amazing footage of police causing a disturbance at a town Hall Forum. University of Florida student is asking some possibly unwelcome questions of John Kerry. However police move in before he even asks his question to try to tell him to not take so long. He then gets more aggravated/distressed and continues to ask his questions. Two police then try to remove him from the auditorium, he protests (I don’t believe he actually did anything wrong up to this point) and it ends in him being tased as he resists the police (5 or 6 isn’t enough to restrain him – just how strong is this guy?!).

The questions he was trying to ask John Kerry was why did he concede defeat in the election so easily given reports of inaccurate vote counting (electronic voting, etc), black voter disenfranchisement and other irregularities in the election. John Kerry may actually have won.
He also wanted to ask should Bush be impeached, and if it was true that John Kerry and George Bush belonged to the same secret society (Scull and Bones) whist they were at Yale.


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