The Typhoon Eurofighter began operations on 30th June, assuming responsibility for the southern element of the United Kingdom’s Quick Reaction Alert force, defending UK airspace against suspicious aircraft.

Read about it here: RAF news / Eurofighter


5 Responses

  1. Yawn. A bit late. 😉 The first Eurofighters were in service in Germany in July 2006. (follow this link)

  2. A bit useless. I mean who will ever attack by air UK or Germany. Planes are for conventional war and now nobody is conducting war in a conventional way. A total waste of money!

  3. Well, ISAF forces in Afghanistan seem to be quite happy about a little bit of airborne help now and then. And the Eurofighter could also come in handy if the UK decides to follow the US to the next rogue state… (I would have made a smiley here if this wasn’t actually possible).

  4. The Saudi Govt. has finally agreed to buy the Eurofighter. They’re going to buy 72 from BAE

  5. Eurofighter has been adapted for air-ground operations, and has been being tested in training operations alongside USAF in Nevada.
    The plane could be deployed to support ground forces in Afghanistan or Iraq.

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