Failure of Welds

This is a picture to show what can happen when a weld fails in a pressure vessel. The picture is from ‘The efficient use of steam’ by P. M. Goodall.

Welds are often the source of failure in structures because the welding process has the possibility of introducing many different defects. In welding a localised area of material is heated and this necessarily leads to temperature gradients. This can cause large differences in the microstructure in the area of the weld.

Even when a good weld is possible it may not be simple to make the weld reproducibly due to differences in geometry of the structure and welding position (overhead, horizontal, sideways, etc.).

Failure of weld in all-welded watertube boilerFailure of weld in all-welded watertube boiler


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  1. I think if every people on welding industry more aware with welding process pre,during and after welding maybe not happened failure in structures .

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