Return of the best computer system?

Could it be true that the amiga is going to return? Amiga Inc are selling a PPC based computer, running amigaOS4. The amiga operating system is one of the lightest systems, and is popular for hand held devices. PPC is one of the most effiecient processors due to it’s reduced instruction set and not being based on x86. PPC was doing very nicely for macintosh until they decided to DUMP it.

For a price tag of $500 dollars maybe some people are going to have a play. One natural market may be the fabled ‘thin client’ since there is a good history of building software layers above the amiga operating system for embedded/handheld systems.

Annoucment discussed on technology news site.

Sadly I’m assuming this is all overhyped and I will be left wondering how it got mentioned on the BBC website. Otherwise i’m ready to buy one, I remember my amiga fondly, that’s were I learnt how to use a mouse.

Read the original announcement from Amiga Inc will be making two new machines, one consumer entry with price around $500 and another power design with price around $1500.


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