Strange Review

I was shown this strange review from Materials Today published in 2003, saying that Jack Christians book is at an undergraduate level. It’s probably the most complete book on phase transformations at an advanced level, amazon are charging £196.50 for this book new.

This is the article;
Christian Review

and this is the key/legend;
Christian Review Key


3 Responses

  1. To say strange, is to put it mildly!

  2. It has one hat for undergraduate and three hats for experts. So I think it is trying to say that it is for experts. Am I wrong??

    And by the way who is Guru??

  3. I’ve edited the article to make it clearer. It’s rated 1 hat for undergraduate, I think that confused you 🙂

    Guru seems to be another guy on the web that is also writing a blog. Click on this name and see his pages.

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