Mac Adverts

Charlie Brooker has written a column in the Guardian about the new mac advert. Like the American version, the advert casts actors in the role of mac and PC. He points out that David Mitchell and Robert Webb usually play role neurotic underdog and selfish, self-regarding poseur.

The part that struck me the most about the article was when he was talking about his experience of using the macintosh.

“Why has this rubbish aspirational ornament only got one mouse button?” Losing that second mouse button feels like losing a limb.

What shocked me about this, is what about the third button?! I’ve started to find this most vital as a quick way of pasting text from application to application.

PC, Mac and Linux

This was my favourite mac and pc advert:

Neil Stephenson wrote a nice article introducing the ideologies behind PC, Mac and linux, which for some reason he distributes as a zipped file o his website here: In the beginning was the command line.