Top Villians of 2006

In a poll by AP-AOL news (Dec 19-21 2006) Americans voted George Bush the biggest villain of 2006.

President Bush 25%
Osama Bin Laden 8%
Saddam Hussein 6%
President Ahmadinejad 5%
Kim Jong Il 2%
Satan 1%

President Bush again took home the Weasel award for 2006, as voted for by readers. If you factor in that he is the president of the weaseliest country, leader of the weaseliest, and involved in the weaseliest industry. He seems to be considered a weasel. Is he involved with Haliburton or is that only the vice president?

Category Winner
Weaseliest Politician? George W. Bush
Weaseliest Country? United States
Weaseliest Organization? Republican Party
Weaseliest Industry? Oil
Weaseliest Company? Halliburton
Weaseliest Celebrity? Tom Cruise
Weaseliest Pundit/Reporter? Michael Moore
Weaseliest Sports Person? Barry Bonds

Does this mean it is now OK to criticise the American president?