Materials ‘Top Trumps’

Among the materials selection tools available from Granta Design are playing cards that can be used to play a game a little bit like the famous one from Waddington;

Stainless Steel card


5 Responses

  1. Diamonds!

  2. this looks brilliantine 🙂

  3. Do you have a full set of these as a game? are they for sale or in any format. I would love to have a copy to use to help students at A level and GCSE to revise?

  4. This is a full set of cards produced by Granta design, I don’t know if it is made for education or just for promotional purposes for the materials selection software that Granta supplies. They do have an education section on their website, so it is probably worth trying to contact them, please let us know what is the result by replying here.

    I would suggest you try to get in contact with Granta design – there is a link to their web page in the posting above.

  5. One of our software developers had the idea for these cards and we distribute them when we go to educational conferences. They are just for fun not really intended to be a commercial thing. We can only sell them to educators at Universites and Colleges and there is a minimum of 50 packs. They cost approximately £150 + shipping for 50.

    We are a spin out of the University of Cambridge Engineering Department and work with over 800 Universities and Colleges world wide supporting Materials related teaching.

    You may be interested in the teaching resources we have online, some of which are open access. .

    We also develop the CES EduPack that you can find out about here:

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