Bainite Sword

For a while I have known about this bainite Katana, I found a video about it on youtube that you can see here here; Bainite Katana.

I can only assume that Edgar Bain would approve since he once wrote an article about the metallurgy of Japanese swords.

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10 Responses

  1. There is a rumor that a blade made from standard quenched and tempered martensite was sawed in half by the same 01 blade made from Bainite. it takes 6 hours of hold time in a salt bath to make Bainite from 01 tool steel!

    The most interesting part is the mixture with large % Martensite – that’s where the super swords come in.

    L6 is antoher tool steel alloy that can form Bainite, along with 52100 – good post!

  2. Well, those log-cutting scenes are pure BS. It’s clear to anyone with half a brain, that the logs have been pre-cut and then kept together with thin strings.

  3. Nope, Mario, I’ve seen this demonstrated often enough. The sword actually does cut through them – this is a basic requirement, after all, since you want to be able to cut thorugh armored humans… 🙂

  4. Note that those things aren’t solid wooden logs. They’re (IIRC) a bamboo core with mats of reeds wrapped around. The idea is that they are an approximation of a human limb (bone surrounded by softer material). These things were used to test the effectiveness of swords in Japan, after it became illegal to test them on condemned criminals.

  5. If anyone has half a brain, it’s mario! Open your eyes!

    It’s is clear that these so-called ‘logs’ are not that, they are clearly of composite construction and the exit point of the cut splinters out – these are not pre-cut.

    Where are the strings mario?

  6. mario….. you are simply a moran.

  7. Edgar Bain was my grandfather — and I think he would be proud. I also think that he’d be amazed to see that a youtube video on making Japenese swords is accessible by anyone in the world in 2007! Incidentally, his collection of Japenese swords and other related items was donated to the Worcester Museum of Art in Worcester, MA.

  8. I have just percased a knife made with a bianite blade. Admittedly its not a sword just a hunter/bushcrafter.Im waiting for it to arrive at the moment.But when it dose I’m going to give it a good workout to see how it really con-piers to the same size knife with a martensite structured blade.Will post reply soon. Nameless uk.

  9. Can you buy bainite swords? Where can you get one? How much do they usually cost?

  10. Back in september Howard opened the queue for 20 orders..just a few days later all of the places were been claimed. Hanwei also has 2 L6 swords on the market today..not sure if you can compare them with Howard’s swords…


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