Mixed Up Microstructure

Mixed Up Microstructure

Originally uploaded by asuma.

I think this micrograph is pretty. Optical microscopy is useful to see what is really happening, it’s no use just going straight to high resolution without seeing what is happening on the millimeter and micrometer scale.

A mixed microstructure of martensite and bainite. Red needles are bainite in this micrograph, larger brown plates are martensite, the white bits are the untrasformed austenite. The contrast is from viewing the etched surface (nital) using differential interference contrast.


  1. I think, it would be better to say a `messed up’ microstructure rather `mixed up’. It has been a real mess with all the -ites. I look forward to see also the allotrio-ferrite in the same microstructure, all the best!

  2. I think this is a very nice microstructure. I liked it very much. Just imagine if someone does a EBSD analysis on it and found the orientation relationship between these martensite and bainite !! That will be fun. I am surprised I have not seen this photograph before.

  3. Yes I should do this, it mostly relies on (1) me remembering and (2) the machine being in working order.

    (2) is really letting me down at the moment.

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