It’s very cool that Magneto has the ability to telekinetically manipulate ‘metals’ in the X-men movies, although the mechanism isn’t investigated, in the movies he can’t manipulate non-metals and is imprisoned in a plastic building in the second movie. We don’t know if he can manipulate stainless steels and non-magnetic metals or if he can be subtle enough to manipulate phase-transformations.

Bridge from X-men

One thing I don’t understand is why he moves the Golden Gate bridge to allow his army to get to Alcatraz island, surely he could just have easily taken a ferry, and not left the road open to thousands of soldiers to also get there. Obviously he knows enough to work hardens the steel bridge, since it can support it’s own weight without using the suspension cables which can be seen snapping as the bridge is moved.

The next X-men movie is seems to be all about Magneto (according to the IMDB).


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