It’s reported in the press that the diamond facility has made it’s first observation of synchrotron light, they achieved this on 30th May, after first getting electrons around the storage ring for the first time on 5th May.

See the BBC news coverage here (including video).

Diamond can host up to forty beamlines from it’s 3 GeV storage ring. Seven beamlines will be available on the first day of operation sometime in 2007 (Phase I), and 22 will be built by 2011.

See the planned beam lines

The seven beamlines constructed in phase I will be:

  • Extreme conditions beamline (I15) for studying materials under intense temperatures and pressures.
  • Materials and magnetism beamline (I16) to probe the electronic and magnetic properties of materials at the atomic level.
  • Three macromolecular crystallography beamlines (I02, I03 & I04) for understanding the structure of complex biological samples, including proteins.
  • Microfocus spectroscopy beamline (I18) able to map the chemical composition of complex materials, such as moon rocks and geological samples.
  • Nanoscience beamline (I06) capable of imaging structures and devices at a few millionths of a millimetre.

Details of how to get beamtime should be here.


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  1. Diamond has opened it’s doors for business, on completion of phase one of its construction, Diamond has seven beamlines running.

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