Metallurgist Shortage?

UK atomic weopons establishment (AWE) says there is a shortage of qualified metallurgists, and is looking for a partner organisations to set up courses in metallurgy (MSc and short courses). It is also recruiting personnel with qualifications in materials science, materials engineeing and chemistry to be trained in-house. Working with IOM3 who will establish the scale of the problem, find other industrial partners, identify academic institutions that might want to be involved in providing courses. With IOM3 independently co-ordinating and accrediting course material. A one day open discussion workshop will be held at 1 Carlton House terrace on 7th November 2006 to establish the key issues and identify the interested parties. (contact details in material world June 2006 p11).

Is it really true that there is a shortage of metallurgists, or do they just have skills when leaving university that enable them to work in other areas?

Do the people leaving courses in materials science have the necessary skills? Or is it necessary to have an undergraduate or graduate degree in metallurgy.

I know at sheffield is was possible for me to take a degree either in metallurgy or materials science depending on which set of final exams I took (with almost the same courses for 4 years).


3 Responses

  1. Its very simple – they should pay metallurgists more money, and then more people would want to do it. Currently there are other professions with a similar level of intellectualy difficulty, which are better paid and have more impressive graduate recruitment efforts.

  2. I agree with this, and I think metallurgists generally agree. So is it true we aren’t paid well enough, and what can we do about it? We need to start driving around in sports cars?

    Since materials science and metallurgy are meant to be important for industry you would think someone would do something about it.

    We’re meant to build a fusion power station and it’s meant to be the materials that are they key to preventing this from happening at the moment.

  3. The BBC news site is running a story about schools producing too few scientists for UK industry. Clck here

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