Following from previous post on mucg73.f. I need to make futher notes of what has been done so far…

The mucg83 code is available from map.

I compared the output of my version of the program using “energy-2” and “energy-revert” where energy2 is the subroutine in mucg73 written by Suresh Babu, and energy is the subroutine from the original mucg43 program.

Here are some graphs, comparing results with the different models for the same steel composition. The results of mucg83 are compared with mucg43 and mtttdata. I only validated that my values are the same as the mucg43 program.

Predicted time for shear tranformations to begin

Predicted time for diffusional tranformations to begin

Calculated free energy

I have started collecting TTT diagrams so the next step would be to compare
predictions against unseen data for TTT diagrams, and to build my own database of TTT diagrams so that I re-calculate the parameters in the program (so that different energy functions can be used if these are better).

Predictions of mttdata seem to ‘broadly’ agree with mucg43 so it seems that this model was also refitted using the free energy values from MTDATA.

Maria Santofimia Navarro reported the error in mucg73 that caused the disagreement shown above, the following line needs to be replaced
MAP_STEEL_ENERGY2=141D0*T10*4.187+ F


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