Early stages of precipitation

I visited Microscience 2006 in the London’s Excel centre on Tuesday this week to attend the Satellite session on precipitation. There were several useful talks about precipitation in copper containing alloys, with many of the speakers have collaborated in research on pressure vessel steels. Prof. Mark Rainforth from Sheffield presented work on niobium carbide precipitation in a model high-Ni alloy (which remains austenitic to room temperature aiding subsequent microscopy). I plan to model both these systems using the matcalc software to make a comparison of the data. Both the early stages of copper precipitation and the niobium carbide precpitation (with strain) presented data on precipitate size distributions and evolution with time.

Satellite Session – Early Stages of Precipitation

Prof. George Smith (Oxford)
3-D Atom probe and applications to study of precipitation

Prof. Alan Craven (Glasgow)
Nanoanlysis of small paticles in vanadium HSLA steels

Sergio Lozano-Perez (Oxford)
Evidence of deformation-induced transformations of Cu precipitates in an Fe-Cu alloy

Rene de Kloe (Netherlands)
Dynamic observations of recrystallisation by EBSD

Adrian Sutton (London)
Modelling the early stages of diffusional phase changes in the presence of long-range elastic interactons

You Fa Yin (Loughborough)
Cancelled – replaced with talk by Prof. Roy Faulkner

Prof. Mark Rainforth (Sheffield)
Early stages of strain induced precipitation in model HSLA steel

Zhongyun Fan (Brunel)
Atom Clusters to Nuclei – a dynamic approach to solidification control
(Unfortunately I missed the closing Keynote lecture because I was worried about not getting back to Cambridge).


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