Bainite Interviews

I have a new job in my research group now, I get to interview people when they publish a paper, and the interview will go online with the paper on the group website. I think this was partially my idea when podcasting first became hot, but I’m not sure I imagined my supervisor would be using me to do the interviews. Anyway I hope people like it.

Interviewing Sourabh Chatterjee about cracking in martensite.


  1. Cracking of Bainite paper by Chatterjee and Bhadeshia. Interview with Sourabh Chatterjee.
  2. Stabilisation of austenite by Chatterjee, Wang, Yang and Bhadeshia. Interview with Sourabh Chatterjee.
  3. Roughness of Bainite paper by Kang and Bhadeshia. Interview with Harry Bhadeshia.

6 Responses

  1. I think these interviews are a marvellous idea, perhaps you could do it for all papers in the department and not just your research group?

  2. but wahtaoubt texas holem?

  3. Richard> I’m not sure I want to spend my whole time doing interviews, I would like to make some papers of my own one day. But I don’t see why other people shouldn’t do this too, I would much prefer to listen to other people rather than myself. We didn’t use any sophisticated equipment or software to make the podcast, maybe it is something you can consider in the UTC.

  4. Owsome photo! Chatterjee looks like a scientist!

  5. Santi… what about changing your photo? that photo with that thing on your head is ages old and certainly not representative of the current situation anymore…

  6. This photo the thumbnails makes me look younger! I do wear a hat sometimes, it’s still winter.

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